How to Make a Woman Laugh

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Sense of humor is a quality that most women find attractive in men, as it represents a combination of intelligence, social skills and confidence.

When a man knows how to make a girl laugh, he’s on the right way to getting into her heart, and eventually also getting into bed with her.

Many men complain about not being able to get women laugh, even if they have strong sense of humor.

Therefore, in this post I will give several tips about using sense of humor to get women attracted and interested in you.

You Don’t Need to Be a Comedian

The first thing that you should understand, is that making women laugh has nothing to do with telling jokes or making comedy.

In fact, when a guy tells a joke, it seems like making pretty much effort to impress. Some women might laugh of your jokes, but you should be really good in it.

Personally, I once tried to learn how to tell jokes, but it didn’t seem very easy, and was eventually useless, because that’s not the humor that attracts women.

Instead, the humor that makes women attracted to men is the kind of humor that comes naturally, as a part of your behavior.

Just be funny and humorous in the way you speak, not by memorizing jokes.


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Begin with a Smile

Smiling too much is considered as a sign of weakness and neediness. But, if used right, a smile is great way to provoke a return smile from a girl.

Smiles tend to be viral – when you smile to people, they tend to smile back, and the whole atmosphere gets more optimistic.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to use the power of smiles. Don’t smile all the time, but be sure that you use it here and then.

Use Proper Teasing

The proper form of teasing is playful and fun. The way to make successful teasing is by adding a smile.

Teasing might smile very similar to insulting. The difference is only with the tone that you say it.

“I hate you” can be said in an angry tonality, and it can be used in a fun, playful manner.

Women usually find teasing is fun and exciting, and will usually respond with a smile and even laughter.

Yes, it’s fun to get the “I hate you” , or “you are so stupid” – as long as it’s said playfully.

The Secret of Self-Deprecating Humor

Most men will make attempts not to reveal their negative sides. They will try to show a girl how great and successful they are.

However, what most guys don’t realize is that showing your weakness is actually extremely attractive to women.

Only confident guys will have the courage to show their weakness, and women appreciate and like this in men.

Now, you can even take this one step forward, and make this funny. Self-Deprecating humor means that you laugh about your weaknesses.

For example, let’s say you’re a bit short. There is nothing wrong with that, and of course you shouldn’t hide it – she probably noticed that already. So use to in a humorous way: you can say – “Wow, I’m soooo short, I just can’t understand why you date such a guy like me!?”

Or, if you made some mistake, you could say “wow, I so stupid, It’s even weird that I managed to learn how to read.”

When you’re out in a club, you can use this in a more extreme way – “You know, I’m still a virgin”, or “I am so afraid of approaching women, but I still decided to make my first attempt”, or “We are not going to have sex tonight, don’t worry. I have a tiny penis anyway”.

Bonus – Funny Role Playing

A great way to get out of the boring conversation routines is to use role playing. Have you ever noticed that when you lie about yourself, it seems much easier to develop a conversation?

I’m not suggesting lying, but getting you both into a funny role playing, is a great method to develop a conversation that can last for hours of fun and excitement.

I remember a date that I had once with a girl, and we totally ran out of things to say, and I could smell that awkward silence approaching.

What I did, was to get into such role playing. I told her “let’s get into some role playing. Let’s say we are a divorced couple, and now we met after 5 years that we didn’t talk.”

The role playing began with “accusations” against each other – “why didn’t you ever listen to me?”, “Why did you kiss that woman?”, “Me? It was you who went on a vacation trip with your boss!”, afterwards, we began with memories of the good times we had once upon a time, “how we enjoyed the sex together”.

Can you visualize this happening? – using a role playing is a great way to create funny interactions with women.

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