How to Stop Being a Nice Guy

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Being a “nice guy” seems to be a major obstacle to many men, in their attempt to attract women.

The “nice guy” represents the opposite of being attractive and successful with women.

This is a guy who sets no challenges to women; he is very needy towards girls, and makes huge efforts to convince women to stay with him and to like him.

A common syndrome for the “nice guy” is hearing the “let’s just be friends” sentence from women.

In this post I would like to explain what causes women to view men as “nice”, how it is connected to attraction, and what every man can do to stop being a nice guy.

Conveying Low Value

What is actually wrong with being a nice guy? Basically, an important part of attracting women is conveying higher value that the girl has.

High value is complex to define, however it can be easily seen in an interaction.

When a “nice guy” guy talks to a woman, he tries to convince her to like him, he tries to impress her, he buys her gifts – and these are only examples.

He also shows a lot of interest, even when he hardly knows her. He can also compliment on things that she doesn’t deserve.

That’s the main problem. He simply shows her that she’s worth way more than him. He not only shows – he truly believes in it. Being a “nice guy” begins from inside. It begins be having low confidence and low self-esteem.


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You Don’t Have to Be a Jerk

It’s common for many men to believe that there are only 2 options – either being one of those “nice guys”, or to be a jerk.

In fact, many women are attracted to jerks and guys who mistreat them.

However, this is not true about most women, especially the women that you probably want to meet and attract.

Most women simply want a good guy, but who knows his value and knows how to be attractive to women.

Not Being Afraid to Lose Her

A common tip that I give guys, who keep failing into the “nice guy” trap, is to begin with not being afraid to lose the girl. Kind of “not caring” about women.

What happens in reality, that by not being afraid to lose her, you’re actually going to make her want to be with you.

You can call “the law of attraction”, but it’s simple – when a guy doesn’t care to lose a girl, he’ll stay in his regular behavior. So “being yourself” is the best cure for the “nice guy”.

Giving Real Compliments

Nice guys will often try to show their interest and give compliments to women. However, nobody likes to get fake compliments. We also hate hearing compliments regarding things we don’t deserve.

When a girl hears the same compliment again and again, such as – “wow, you’re so beautiful”, it’s totally annoying.

If she’s beautiful, she was born this way. She doesn’t deserve any compliment for that.

Instead, compliment women on real things, such as their behavior, their achievements – things that deserve to be complimented.

Giving real, sincere compliments, is what will distinguish you from the average, “nice guys”.

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